• Protect My Bike

    Premium anti-theft system for bicycles



  • The Problem:


    1.5 mln bicycles are stolen in USA per year


    3 mln in europe


    only 2-5% of them are recovered

  • Existing solutions do not help

    Locks and wires are easily cut

    Bike thieves use professional industrial equipment that cut any lock in a matter of seconds


    Existing location trackers do not help

    Such trackers are easily broken

    Current trackers require regular charging and are easily discovered and destroyed by bike thieves



    Police do not help

    Police are busy with major crimes and do not search for stolen bicycles

    Even if the bicycle has a tracker, police know it usually leads them to a garbage can because they are easily removed. Police are not interested in wasting their valuable time.

  • protect-my-bike solution

    Premium anti-theft system for bicycles

    Breakthrough location tracker

    Install and forget


    • Easy installation with a personal key
    • Battery life of up to 7-8 years
    • Fixed in frame so thieves are unable to break or remove 
    • Low cost



    Integration with police

    Fast recovery

    In case your bicycle is stolen:

    1. Activate alarm mode
    2. Report to police
    3. Police will have ability to see your bike’s location
    4. Your bicycle will be recovered shortly



  • Meet Our Executive Team

    Our multinational team combines experience with passion, creativity, and dedication. We are based in Silicon Valley and have strong experience in developing hardware, running hardware companies and in law enforcement

    Vasily Nikolaev

    CEO & Co-Founder

    Vasily Nikolaev is based in Silicon Valley and has strong experience in running hardware companies as a CEO and in investing in the best hardware start-ups as a VC. He is passionate about bicycling and founded this company when his bicycle was stolen in Mountain View.

    Mark Parker


    Mark Parker has over 20 years of experience in and around law enforcement in the USA. He has a strong reputation in this sector as well as extensive experience in promoting new products in the law enforcement community.